9 comments on “How do you know you are looking at art? 2015

  1. Art is colours swirling all around you. You will know that you are looking at art because of its shape and design. Art can be anything you want it to be.


  2. Art is a work that you have done and you believe you have done it well.
    This is another thing you can tell if art is art – is it got colour in it, it doesn’t matter what colour!


  3. If I am looking at something, wondering if it’s art, even if it was meant to be, I wouldn’t call it art through my own will. I also think if a toddler had a tantrum while holding a paint brush, and the results were beautiful, that would be art as well.


  4. If something is beautiful, if to me it means something beyond compare, and if it encases me in a special feeling l’ll call it art. But if it’s just paint on a page I’ll simply call it paint on a page. If you love art, you don’t need a gallery to tell you it’s art, you should just know it is.


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