16 comments on “How do you know you are looking at art? 2012

  1. Art is your imagination. Art is all around you. Art is what stands out to you. Art has no rules just your imagination. You can do anything with art.


  2. You can tell your looking at art because it can be anything creative like you and me and the world. You can make art with anything you want.


  3. Art is everywhere because it is unique, in the sense that not the whole world is like it. which means even the carpet is art. Imagine a world where everything is made out carpet.


  4. Art is what YOU think it is. Anything you say is art is art. There is no right or wrong answer for art . Art will always be a magic place and a happy place!


  5. To see art it has to be creative and different to other people’s not similar everyone have a thought of how do you know your looking at art well if you do then you should have different art styles.


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